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"Hatched Out of an Egg"

Here is a portrait of me done by "DollyAsylum".


Asylum Dolly said...

Yay! I'm a bit proud of that, i must admit ;)
Stoked to see it here! You really do look like you're hatching.
haha, my verification word is "preggoe"...what with the "hatching" theme and all it's a sure sign from the heavens that my imaginary chickens are about to lay. Awesome! Nothing like an imaginary omelette for dinner, om nom nom.
Anyway, i'm a dickhead. Glad you like the drawing!

sybil law said...

Oooh! That is kickass!

JMH said...

Damn, artists drawing artists. That's a good feedback loop. I like the new multimedia Flumptinsher. I may have said that before, but, as we know, my memory is spotty.

dogimo said...

That's a great portrait! You look like a modern Don Quixote!

Ria said...

Fantabulous! Asylum Dolly really did a fantastic job with this portrait!