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Large Blister


Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to this picture of the blister. It makes me salivate. Not in a hungry or thirsty sense but one of nauseous empathy. And I disgust myself with the want to touch it. Fuck-a-christ-on-a-t, that looks painful.

John Dantzer said...

Actually, I lied. I did get a blister from my new shoes, but this blister was caused by another pair of shoes a few months ago. It hurt, though, especially when I exploded it. It hurt real bad.

Gabriel Sigma said...

Damn that blister. i can't believe the size of it. It looks like it's developing a trunk. It's painful just to imagine you blowing it's brains out. damn!

"Foot smelling leather" hats. hahaha the miracle of recycling.