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I'm a vegetarian because 1. The energy that goes into raising animal products is wasteful. Eating meat is inefficient. 2. Most animals are treated poorly. Eating meat is inhumane.

Enough protein can be had from beans, nuts, legumes and dairy products.


sybil law said...

I am a huge cheese, nut, fruit and vegetable girl, but holy hell I do loves me a steak now and then. I just do.

Stella said...

Agreed and agreed. I just can't eat the little critters. Too bad my dad is a rifle toting, hunting conservative. Ah, to have come from such loins makes no sense, and yet...there it is :)

John Dantzer said...

sybil - Have you ever had a tofu steak? Yummy (not).

Stella - A hunting conservative is not as much fun as hunting conservatives. All this talk of loins makes me want a steak.

sixleggedspider said...

I too am a vego. But i must say,as a spider, being a vegetarian is quite the challenge! I try to build my webs beneath the tables of vegetarian humans, so that i can catch the occasional stray chikpea or crumb of tofu when they happen to fall accidentally from their mouths and plates at dinnertime. It's a pretty good system so far, but mosquitos and flies still get caught in my web sometimes, and it seems wasteful not to eat them( although i do offer them to other spiders first).

John Dantzer said...

I looked on wikipedia and there are vegetarians spiders.
They must be from a different part of the country.
Your schemes are sneaky. If only I could build webs.