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A great many people died for the railroad, especially the Chinese. The tracks were hard to lay, and I don’t mean have sex with; of course, that too, would be hard, what with the slivers and the metal. Somewheres, the track gets laid fast, like, they’re feeling good, and the hammers are swinging, and there is even some smiling. Of course, they all think the other is gay, and watch their arseholes when bending down.

One man climbs mountains on his days off. There is a pub near. He goes up there and plants his flag; not his sex flag, mind you, but his mind flag, or, his pee flag. Not the Parents and Friends for Lesbians And Gays flag, rather, his urine smell smell. Some men's pee attracts female caribou. I won’t start talking about urine now, though, there is more important things at hand. 

Yes, friends, a train is a mighty beast requiring not just vengeful motors hauling it’s ass, but it needs tracks: several billion tons of material to rocket the iron slow-mo rocket to it’s destinations. And labour. Just like the pyramids needed labour. It gets shit done. And by labour, I mean slavery.

When the train isn’t there, the tracks are a good path for walking. It is taking the most direct path unless there is a mountain in the way, or a lake, or some other obstacle. 

Yes, He will climb the mountain. The others won’t think he can do it, but he does it every day off.  Howling while up there.  It’s not that bad out there on the tracks, sure, you have two children, sure your wife looks and acts like a man, sure your kids smell bad, sure they send you to the caves with explosives only to be blown up, sure you’ll probably die out here, and be buried under some loose grass the others have pulled so as they won’t be late for dinner. 

 But you know what? no one can suppress my smile, unless they invent some kind of contraption which made it difficult or impossible. Or if they Tazered me every time they saw me smile, but they can’t see all the time... or can they? But that’s not the point. The sun is shining, the grass grows, the sun sets, the wind blows, we continue, we walk around, we’re light on our feet. THe day is done. Death threatens sometimes, but it could be no worse than this.


dogimo said...

Good post all through dude, but let me tell you if a discerning reader could pick and choose without disparaging the rest - paragraph 5 had me re-reading it over and through 2, 3, 4 times. It's a short story unto itself. Nice, serious.

John Dantzer said...