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The New Guy

Peirce introduces me to the new guy.

“This is the new guy.”

“Sup,” I say.

“It’s girl, by the way,” she says.

“Oh... what?”  Peirce says.

“I’m a girl.  You keep calling me a guy.”

“Oh... of course...” Peirce says.

I laugh.  In retrospect, I guess I was being insensitive, but thought it was funny, and thought the girl could appreciate our mistakes.  If she didn’t want to be mistaken for a boy, she shouldn’t have dressed like one, and wore her hair like one, and acted like one, and have a deep voice like one.  We thought it was a boy who hadn’t gone through puberty yet, or who was getting there very slowly. 

Peirce is surprised, he’s not laughing.  The surprise is too much for him.  I’d like to laugh a lot more, but it’s not appropriate, apparently.  If I was a girl pretending to be a boy, I’d be happy for everyone’s confusion, but she wasn’t happy.  She worked at the new job for like 6 hours, then got out of there.  Peirce and I will laugh about it many times afterward. 

Mavis thinks the two new housekeepers look like Drag Queens.  Their hair is retro.

Sometimes I dread working with Larlene.  But she is o.k., as long as you don’t make eye-contact with her.  She thinks everyone is a horse. 

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