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The End of the World

At the Tim Horton's.  Standing in line, getting a coffee.  There are five ladies working, but only one cashier, and they don't even make sandwiches there.  They talk amongst themselves.  They want desperately for the world to come to an end, or they want to be afraid about the world coming to an end.  Either way it's a source of excitement, and with christmas just around the corner! 

"It's already the 21st in Australia, and we're all still here.  The military hasn't been called in yet.  There are no comets in the sky.  I'm breathing fine.  We're not being choked by dust," one of them says.

But just because it's the 21st in Australia doesn't mean anything.  The Mayans didn't even know Australia existed.  So let's wait to start counting our chickens until tomorrow.  And just to be sure, let's wait until the 22nd, mountain standard time. 

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