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Squirrels: Not Fine

Otherwise Ok.  It could be worse, it could be better.  Here I am trying to balance in between, and without bemoaning.  Nor bepraising.  Nor anything extreme.  Just trying to sit here and chill out.  But even our drinking water has caffeine in it.  Unless you go high up, waaay up!  But then you won’t be able to get your coffee.  Nor your cigarettes.  Then what?  Then you will be no better than a squirrel.  Fine, you say, squirrels are fine.  Newsflash: No they are not.  Unless you think chittering is fine.  You think chittering is fine?  Ok.  You are you.  I am I.  There is a poem and it says, “something something fish eye something ocean”.  And it is the same with me.  Just some fish eye in the ocean, seeing things but not being able to process them.  And not being able to blink, neither.  Cause I am without lids.

You would not believe it if I told you, you would not believe a lot of things I told you, because people I speak to usually describe me as shifty-eyed.  That is a neurological problem, friend, and it has nothing to do with the intentions of my soul.  And you might even believe that if I told you, if it weren’t for my shifty eyes, or eye, leering at you, as it does, there in the ocean, for any wayward critter to swallow up.  And then what?  Darkness.  A “winding road”, then lightness, at the end of that stank tunnel.  Then much of the same.  I’m sorry if I’m beleaguering you with my melancholy?  You will just have to deal with it.

I hope you are otherwise OK.  There is only so much we can do in this life to make amends.  And if you are anything like me, your amends will make do with life.

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