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The zits on my face
match the blacks of my eyes
match my insides
match the holes in my nose
match my soul:

Burnt matches
Ashes on cold concrete.


Asylum Dolly said...

This is quite dark...but i do like dark things. This is a great poem!
I hope you're not feeling TOO dark though...or if you are,i hope it passes quickly.Just in case, I'm sending some sparkliness your way right now (i have plenty to go around at the moment. But because you live so far away, it might take a day for the sparkle to get there. Also I'm sending a hug, just incase the gnomes who deliver the sparkle decide to steal it.)

JMH said...

I dig. I like what you've done with the matches.

John Dantzer said...

Feeling to dark to comment on the comments.