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Shattering Gourds

I drink a lot of wine.  It's good for your heart.  Not your liver, or your bones, or your brain cells, but think of all this love in me with the wine.

I drink from gourd.  Leaky gourd.  Drink from nickel/silver bombilla, or straw.  The gourd, she is called a Matero, a companion for life.... I've had many gourds, not because I seek them out, like how some people seek out shoes.  No, I seek them out because mine shatter.

I put them in bag in the winter, and it's cold there. Tea also I drink that.  Boiling water in there from freezing cold.  From freezing cold to boiling hot, you will get fractures.  First the gourd makes sounds with the boiling hot water like hissing.  That hissing is the dry dry gourd taking in water, taking in too much water.  All that water in a crack, soon she shatter.

Leaky gourd.  Leaky house.  Open windows, even in the winter... You don't need your windows open in the winter... unless something is wrong.  Unless you don't have control over your heat.  Who doesn't have control over their heat??? Communists.  That's who.  That's who.

Meanwhile, fascists enter my room daily to check the smoke detector, for example.  I lock the door, but they don't care, they have access no matter what.  So I stay in bed.  They check the ceiling whilst I pretend to sleep.  It's awkward for everyone, but such is life.

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