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Some people think our purpose is to procreate to spread our genes. Since we evolved from animals then we are animals and this is our primary goal: to reproduce. I think, as a species, we have achieved this goal. Indeed, the earth’s resources will not able to support all the people soon enough.

How can we rid ourselves of the animal in us and pursue something higher. What is higher? Or is life simply survival and pleasure... I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do than have sex and eat and sleep and visit the house of eating, sexing and sleeping.

If worms and sea anemones, like us, want to ensure their survival through their progeny, and also experience the divine pleasures of eating their way through the ground and waving around in the sea, respectively, then why even bother with all the difficulty of us? Why? Because our pleasure gratification is greater and more intense. Intensify the pleasure, intensify the fun. Do I really care if my future children do not get to experience the thrill of bungee jumping while having sex while eating? Hardly. How much better can it get? I guess that is the question we are constantly realizing and waiting for.


sybil law said...

You speak the truth.

Asylum Dolly said...

I think about purpose a lot, and it makes my brain explode. In the end, i come to the conclusion that we really do not HAVE a purpose. We just ARE. By some bizarre cosmic miracle (or mistake) Earth just happens to be the right distance away from the sun to support all manner of life. Humans unfortunately decided to go further than just plain survival, and discovered ego and greed, and now the main "purpose" of the human race is to make money. At ANY cost. Fuck the environment, fuck all other forms of life, fuck morality, fuck compassion. As long as there is a bountiful supply of money in the world, nothing else matters. Of course, soon there will be nothing to spend the money ON, as there will be nowhere beautiful left to visit, and all the pretty things that we like to buy will no longer be able to be made because we've depleted all of the earths resources, but hey! As long as we're still able to clutch onto the money everything will be fine!
meh. Sorry for the negative rant, but that's what i am seeing, and why i am increasingly less likely to give a flying fuck what the human race might think of me and my "eccentricities", ( i am a weirdo for daring to dislike BULLSHIT).
I fear for the future of the planet, because i have brought a child into this place. All i can do is reinforce to her how important it is to give a shit about the REAL stuff, and to ignore the bullshit as much as possible. If a whole generation of people who actually CARE enough are running this place, maybe there will be some hope? Probably not, in reality, as apathy is an epidemic that there seems to be no cure for...but what the fuck do we have if not hope?
As i said, my brain explodes every time i think about this shit.If i had mind control powers, i'm certain i could make some big changes, but alas.
In conclusion, i think that if you concentrate on doing all the things that bring you joy, with a social/environmental conscience and awareness, then at least at the end of your life you can look back with the least amount of regret. That is what i have decided anyway.

John Dantzer said...

Sybil - I'm glad you agree.

Bon - Thanks for the rant! I like it. You have some good insights into why we are here. It's too bad some of us have evolved consciousnesses. Some people think we cannot avoid evolution and something higher will eventually develop. I'm glad you reminded me of the precariousness of life. I often take it for granted. Focusing on what is true and more permanent will bring more happiness. As will burning vats of oil not only for the heat but for the sensuous glow (and yumsters smell).