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"Pizza Party"

Although I have never been, I have heard great things about Chicago.  I've never been to New York, either, but have similarly heard great things.  Also horrible things, of course.  Even the moon has a dark side.  I have been to L.A. when I was little and thought it was fine enough.  I think we spent most of our time trying to get the hell out of there, or mostly on the freeway in traffic. I would like to go back sometime now that I know about the Schindler house, for example.

Well, I am sorry to say that the Chicago Blackhawks did not beat the L.A. Kings :( And I had $40 on that game.  Neither did the Montreal Canadians beat the New York Rangers, which is also a let down. ;(  But whoever won that money from me says he will buy pizza for everyone.  It will be a "Pizza Party"!!!

Still, it is sunny as hell here and hot.  So hot it burns me through and through.  It really "boils the skin off your face", as the saying goes.

Despite some small superficial defeats, let us gather our gumption and confetti ourselves and others with the larger victories of General Living, or Life.  Sometimes the victories are invisible or unknown, or so micro their macro cannot even be suggested. 


jon said...

Yeah, Chicago is great, if you know a person.

I'm terribly disappointed with the Hawks loss, not only because I believe that hockey should not succeed in warm-weather climates, but because I gave an emotional investment in this (and other) Hawks teams, and I hate to be emotionally rebuffed. Tragedy, right?


But yes, the micro becomes the macro.

jon said...

Oh, and pizza is disturbing.

John Dantzer said...

I agree, hockey shouldn't succeed where ice is a foreign substance. But they shouldn't be playing hockey in June anyway. It's not natural.