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From what dark corner of the sky have you found me, pigeon? 

They put spikes on building ledges and other places where pigeons like to land, so that they won't land there.  But sometimes, the pigeon tries to land there anyway, because they so dumb, or tired, or old, and if they try it, they get hurt, and like paper airplanes, come spiralling to the ground.  Oucho!  Even pigeons know how to screech. 

I saw one try and get me on it's flight down.  He wanted some soft place to land, o no.  Not on my head!  My hair can get very bushy, indeed, nest-like, indeed, when my hair is very bushy, birds try and nest in it.  They are upset with the mobility of their nest, but I tell them again and again, "I have things to do, birds.  I have to eat to survive."  And they look at me with their black little bird eyes, and it is just the cutest thing in the worl.  But I am not tall enough, nor my brow cliff-like enough, for pigeons to get up on it. 

I'll treat it as a sign, but according to Wikipedia, the common feral rock pigeon don't symbolize much.  Doves have many symbols, and they are not dissimilar to pigeons, but there is a reason why pigeons aren't released at weddings and I think it has to do with racism. 

Maybe someone is trying to send me a message, but the message is scary and tries landing on my head and pecking out my eyes.  

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