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Poo is to pee as poop is to peep.

How come we never say peep? Is it because peeping is associated with perversion and holes? Whereas poop sounds like a parachute. A billowing colourful parachute that when held on all sides and is lifted, catches the air, and slows it's descent allowing the children with their birthdays in August to run around underneath and smack heads with other children causing giant bumps on foreheads, black eyes and bloody noses.
Or does poop sound more like a mushroom found in an enchanted forest that when eaten, despite the foul taste, gives one magical sense abilities to see and speak with the gnomes?

It certainly is a happy sounding word, and if heard for the first time would not connote images of brown. Poo, however, with it's ew is more fitting. Was the extra "p" added to give some light on a sordid affair. I quite like pooing, myself; if I have ample time and if no one else is in the house. I often take that time to think of my girlfriend and loved ones.
Pee, with it's "ee", reminds me of screaming on roller coasters. Wheeeee! Is that how pee feels? If that's the case then it's with good reason we don't say peeping.


sybil law said...

I LOVE your mind!!!

Asylum Dolly said...

I too love your mind!
"Peep" isn't a word i hear often. I use the the word "peek" sometimes though, but it still does have that similar pervy sound to it. There are these shoes i have that are called "peep toe" heels, and i wonder if this name is supposed to sound a bit kinky, like showing a bit of toe is sexy. And now by writing about "showing a bit of toe" I am reminded of cameltoe, which is decidedly UNsexy. Anyway, I've gotten off the point.
I say "poo" more than "poop", but i think that's just because "poop" isn't a big word here. Yes, poop is a happy sounding word. It puts me in mind of bubbles more than actual poo.
Instead of "pee" i say "wee". Which is funny,because it also means small, and when i hear people talk about something being "wee" i snicker like a 6 year old. You can imagine my mirth when Wii came out. I love to hear people talking about how they love playing with their Wii.

JMH said...

I always say "poop." It's a palindrome. God wants it so. As for "peep," well, that's a mystery to me. How did we get urine and voyeurism so mixed up? Unless God wants it so.

John Dantzer said...

Sybil- Mind is good.

Bon- Your mirth levels must of been very high when the Wii came out. Scottish people say wee a lot in reference to small things. Could they actually be referring to pee?

JMH- Maybe we can combine voyeurism and peeing somehow. What would make peeing better? Looking in someone's window. Peeping.

dogimo said...

My sister's kids use "go peeps" as a euphemism for urination.

John Dantzer said...

It's good to see someone is acting logical.