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On A Hike: No End In Sight

On a hike in the mountains.  Going up there on the trail.  Passing over the bridge, which passes over rocks.  Seeing old bar maids breathing heavy and wanting drinks and TV.  Seeing the river, clear and sparkling like a daisy.  Passing a camp of choir girls.  Some thunder, lightning, but nary a cloud.  Ominous!  There are also tree trunks in the forest, and twigs.

Climbing up a mountain, walking up through the forest on a trail.  Rocks in the forest, too.  And chipmunks.  Why do they call them chipmunks, anyway?  IT'S NOT LIKE THEY ARE MONKS!!! They are the opposite of monks.  Not peaceful at all.  All they do is chitter at you, and chew into your car, and poop everywhere, and eat holes in your clothes.

Sometimes I will walk through a meadow.  The trail leads through the meadow.  There are flowers there - daisies! Well, I try and have a snack on them.  Nope! HAHA! They are covered in bees!!!!  Hoowhee!  Well, keep on walking anyway, I won't let bees stop my mountain climbing.

Walking on the trail, right up to the top of the mountain, there are men in overcoats hiding behind the trees!  WHA! This isn't the city!  They flash at me, but I avoid my eyes.  They got watches to sell.  No, thank-you!  I came here to escape the time!  Still, you wouldn't think business would be that good way out here.  To each his own, I guess.

Higher and higher!  In the forest, surrounded by trees.  Get my water from the stream.  Up I go!  Whew!  What a long hike!  When will it end, haha!  And just look at all those trees!  Towering way above, creaking slightly.  So quiet!  So peaceful!  And no end in sight!  Just a bunch of trees, really.  And some tree trunks, of course, down there on the ground. Never ending trees!

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