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Never Enough Time

Time to get down to business.  No more messing around.  I have already disinfected the keyboard and my station in general.  I have moved the young hussies’ bag which was in the way of my chair.  I have placed the extra large, noise blocking headphones on my head so that no young hussies can disrupt my focus with their young hussy voices.  I have asked the young hussy to move her infected water bottle from my station.  I have placed my extra large polarized sunnies carefully next to the hard drive, as far from the young hussy as possible, but not into the station of the man to my right.  And to prepare for coming here I have brought as many Wetnaps as I could fit in my plastic bag tote bag, which is just a plastic bag, but I call it my totes.

The man to my right has just picked at his ear and then continued to type.  Now I have the urge to sanitize everything, but I only brought like twenty of them, and I do not want to run out.  Meanwhile I have to send a birthday greeting to my niece.  And there is still laundry to be done.  And Survivor is on tonight, no less.  If only there were more hours in the day.  Then I might be able to finally finish what I’ve started all those years ago and kick the biscuit with a dignified heart.  As it is, all that laundry, and that is only one finger counting.  There are only so many fingers on my hand which to tick off, and I only have two hands, unlike SOME people.  But from what I heard it doesn’t matter how many hands you have there is still never enough time.

There won’t be enough time for anyone, and we’ll all eventually gather in the forest somewhere picking berries and slapping at bugs.

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