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I Am Happy

I am happy.  I am happy.  When music with beat is played I dance.

I am normal.  I am normal.  When music is played with no beat I don't dance, but instead look ponderous into the distance or into my own soul; for music with no beat is like the soul's best friend.

When the beat is on I dance and make sure other people can see me.  The more I dance the happier I am.  When exceptionally happy my dance borders on flying.  O.  How twirly whirly I am.  Look at my arms.  Like ribbons in the wind.  O.  How swirly the buildings are around me.  They are my friends, and I'll visit their rooftops with my dance and smile down on them from the moon.  

I laugh and smile with my friends as I dance and as they dance.  Dance is an indication of happiness.  It's why God gave us hands, so that we can clap, and mouths were made for smiling.  

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JMH said...

Nice tone. Sort of an honest celebration of life, but the sort of celebration that you don't fuck with.