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Hair Like Hay

O the horses that surround me!  O!  And with apples in my pockets, and with my hair like hay, O! The most seductive of vixens, please!  Let's go for a ride!  Gallop yonder!  Woah!  Through the fields, hey-o!  A pack of wild stalions!  Zoot zoot!!!! Vroom!!!  Onward, all ye galloping horses!  Trample through the glades! Woah! Woah!  And with mountains in the distance!  In the haze!  Woah there Charlie!  WOAH!  Galloping through the glades!  (But not through the forest! And with breaks to eat grass!) 

MMMMM!!! Grass!  Horses eat grass!  They like eating grass!!! A pack of wild stallions, all eating grass!  All that grass!  And with mountains in the distance!  And their minds in the clouds, flying through the air!  Winged Pegasus!  Winged Pegasus on fire!  And heading toward the sun!  Woah!  Woah there Charlie!  You could use some grass!?  Ha! Ha!  Horses eat grass!  And with mountains in the distance, and trampling through the glades!  And me with apples in my pockets!  And my hair like hay!  Woah!  Woah there Charlie!