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Electric Brain

I said I'd blog more this new years, so here I am.

Things aren't going well at work. I've got the "electric brain" according to my own diagnosis. It doesn't sound as great as you might think. I'm not zapping out ideas. I'm not killing flies when they draw near my head with sparks. There is no God of Lightning residing on the clouds of grey matter that is my brain. I think it's more of an iron deficiency, and the electricity is resulting from an imbalance of the electricity in my blood. We're all electric. It's why sticking keys in sockets is so inviting. It's why my hair is always frazzled. I'll wish myself better on your behalf. 


Asylum Dolly said...

Eeek! That's always uncomfortable...I got a laugh out of the diaper offer idea :)
My kid would love to just run around naked and poo wherever she likes. Actually, sometimes she does unfortunately :S

Electric brain you say? Maybe you should eat with only plastic utensils for a few days? And stay away from water. If you feel the need to have a wash of some sort,go to the dry cleaners, hide in a big jacket and wait. Although, that may actually result in serious injury, so maybe skip that one.
I hope that marvellous brain of yours is feeling like a happy healthy brain asap. I'm sending it my best wishes. My own brain sends hugs.

My verification word begins with "poo". hehehehehe

John Dantzer said...

It'd be better if your kid poos outside, (I almost wrote "if your your poo kids outside", which would also be better outside). Today my brain is no better, but it appreciates the hug :)

I hadn't even thought of not going near water! I totally could have electrocuted myself! It's a good thing I only shower every other day and never wash my hands or do the dishes, it could have cost my life. Well, I own't be showering tonight, either. Thanks for the advice!

My word is glyte. Sounds kind of uppity.

sybil law said...

Oh my word - you are an absolute treasure!!
Thank you so much for the laughs, Peachy.
My daughter once pooped in the yard. All I could do was laugh. (She was potty training - not like, yesterday, or anything. Okay. It was yesterday.)

JMH said...

Awesome story. I have my hood up like a monk, and I was giggling. Poo and electricity! Are there any better things? Maybe a couple, but I couldn't live without poo and electricity.

And as an extra bonus, spit!

I wanted to use the word bodilies in this comment. Is that a word you just made up? Does it mean bodily functions?

John Dantzer said...

Sybil - Thanks! I pooped in the yard just yesterday and boy was it funny.

JMH - Thanks! I forgot about the bodilies and have since added a label. I don't know if I made up that word, but I think I'm the only one I know who uses it. Yeah it means bodily functions. Go ahead and start throwing it around.

Ria said...

Electric brain sounds like an awesome superpower to have. Something that would KO the likes of Superman et al just by farting megawatts in their direction.

Hope you're doing spectacular though! <3