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My dreams are getting less and less realistic. I've been smoking opium, and I think that's the reason why. I won't be able to start a revolution with opium dreams dancing around in my head, while sleeping past noon. 

Just think of the revolutions I could start. First I would disable the central electricity supply, then the sewers. Then maybe I could sleep at night, in the darkness. Without all the lights there to buzz in my eyes. Constantly buzzing.

I sniffed a fly into my nose yesterday by accident. At first it tickled and felt good, then it tried making it's way to my brain, like some undigested pill. Now I get urges to wash my hands and poo everywhere.

I won't go on all day, although I could. Instead I'll take one last swim, before the waters freeze up. Then I'll be making my way to Africa, to find rivers there, clean ones.  It will be there I will soak my wounds, and hopefully get a doctor to remove these spears from my face and brain. Actually... I'll remove them myself...  The waters are soothing.

We haven't much time. Get your boots on. Head to the mountains. Seek shelter in the caves. I'd like to find a place void of light, a cave meets that requirement, I think, but only if it has a great door, or if the cave winds around corners. I could harvest crystals, or other jewels and become a millionaire.

Or maybe I'll go to Jamaica, and find myself a woman. I could bury my face in her darkness and go swimming in the ocean at night. The ocean, the night, I could shut my eyes in the water, since it's the eyes that receive the light. Screw the caves, I'll just shut my eyes real tight.

It's my favourite time of year. I'd like to release the animals in the zoo, and after their brief encounter with freedom, watch them slowly starve or freeze to death. Death: the ultimate freedom.

Or maybe I'll climb a tree, I can do that. I have working limbs, and opposable thumbs. My tail is gone, damnit, but obviously that was some kind of sick luxury.


JMH said...

"Jerk me off" means something completely different in Jamaica. Make sure you're not near a hot stove when you say it, although you'll have the forewarning of the application of spices.

John Dantzer said...

Jerked chicken is also misleading. The look of horror on the chicken's face was only matched by that of it's keeper.

gone said...

Could I read and record the reading and post it to freud? Like a mad woman?


John Dantzer said...

Ok! It's not very erotic, though. Or is it?...

gone said...

Super. Super erotic. (add a lisp when saying this to yourself or to others)