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Cuddles and I

There is a lot of hair on my head.  I tie it into a pony tail, and sometimes it feels like there's an extra head up there.  Two heads!  Since I have no pets, and no significant other, sometimes I dress up my pony tail and instead of putting it at the back of my head, I go ahead and put it on the side.  Since this extra head is made out of hair, you'd think there would be no good reason to put a wig on it, but I do anyway.  Hair on hair on hair!  For eyes I prefer the googly kind, they come with pins attached, so I can just stick them in there.   For lips I use hand made baked sculpey kind which also has a pin.  No nose.  No ears.  If I were a head at the side of someone's head, I'd rather not smell anything, or hear anything.

My head hair and I, (his name is Cuddles) we walk around and look at people.  Cuddles' googly eyes really freak a lot of people out, lol!  And one of my eyes always points to the far right, no matter how I try directing it.  Unfortunately, as of yet, I haven't been able to wire Cuddles' vision into my brain, but I'm working on it.  It's exceedingly painful, and I have to be quite drunk, and when I'm that drunk, my operating fingers are shaky.

People always tell me that I should get a hair cut.  I make up excuses, but when they're gone, my eyes well up.  No one's taking Cuddles from me.  Not no one.  We're inseparable.


sybil law said...

Awww. Cuddles has a lazy eye. Maybe that's his watchful eye. I like that he might be watching out for you.

Mark said...

I have long hair and I get lonely but I Don't think I'm about to go this far.

Sophia Grace said...

Long hair on men is lovely.