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Those bugs smell what I cook cause they got big antennae, and they come crawling from whatever hole to see what's for dinner.  They have no qualms about where they step, they will step through feces, or urine, or even nuclear waste, except they avoid sticky things, for obvious reasons.  They want some of my dinner, and they want something to drink, so they climb up to the sink and I see them there, and really "water them down".  It's the scalding hot water and they all go rushing down. 

They got their antennae and they wave them around in the ay-er as if they don't cay-er.  They can smell about 200 different things, and the information from their antennae goes right into their brain holes, and their antennae lead them to things they need, like food.  Even bugs need to eat.  They don't need to eat much, and they aren't that big, but they are such a nuisance.  They can cause so much aggravation.  A large belligerent man can also cause aggravation, but that makes sense.  The aggravation a bug causes is disproportionately large in comparison to it's body. 

It's a cockaroach.  They will survive the nuclear holocaust.  I stuff my couch with them, and they move around, and their collective movement is like a massage on my back.  In Australia I worked on a pineapple farm, and in the fields, among all those pineapple plants, there were jumping/flying clouds of German cockaroaches, and at the end of the day, after a long hard day of pulling pine, I would take off my stupid hat, and all the cockaroaches would go jumping out.  One cockaroach got into a farmers ear and wouldn't come out, so she had to put cotton in her ear to prevent them from going in. 

In Malaysia there were cockaroaches everywhere, or in Kuala Lumpur, there was, anyway.  They would join hands with rats and waltz through the streets at night. 

I've been camping before, and have slept on the ground.  There are bugs in the ground, and flying bugs in the ay-er, but I don't cay-er.  The bugs in the forests do not feed on human wastes.  Some forest bugs might feed on human blood, or flesh, but they do not have a specific liking for it. 

 It's true, humans are born of aggression, but if cockaroaches ran the world, that aggressive quotient would be much higher.  I don't believe cockaroaches could run the world for this defect of theirs, even if they were much smarter.  So if someone "accidentally" steps on your toes in the street, do not raise your back up, you will be no better than a cockaroach. 

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