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To better spy on my friend's neighbors, and for a brush with the law, I decided to head downtown to precinct #3 and do some roof hoping. Despite what the name may suggest it should not be confused with physically detaching the roof from it's walls, pounding music, and with hydraulics causing the roof to hop. It is the act of hoping on a roof. You can hop around while up there, but normally I just do regular prancing. And if anyone looks up and ask-yells what the hells I'm doing, I tell them christmas came early motherfucker and Santa's coming to get you.

On my most recent trip up, neither did I have a skirmish with the Man nor did I see any  taxidermy, rather, I saw (created) a symbolic representation of birth. For what are babies if not canoes. What are wombs if not rooms. And what are windows if not vaginas. It was a beautiful and miraculous event.

Later, after my paranoia, and my thoughts of being caught had subsided, and running the fuck away, I walked back to the edge and I thought I heard an old man say "Hey! There's a man on the moon!" It turns out he was saying roof, but what is a roof, if not the moon? There are rocks up there... It reflects light... I could go on, but the comparison is obvious. I guess that means I've been on the moon and have witnessed the creation of life. It was a good day.


JMH said...

For a moment there, the canoe became a huge black dick.

Asylum Dolly said...

I'm disappointed that JMH noticed that before I did!

But to be honest, watching this, I couldn't help but think it was a giant peapod, and the people, tiny lilliputians, organising a huge dinner for their royalty. Royals in Lilliput really like giant peas.

I like the way you can make anything sound funny :)

sybil law said...

I kept thinking penis and phallic, too. Guess that's just where my mind automatically goes. :)

Why was that so film worthy? That lady was also filming. I kept thinking something awful was gonna happen!

The Santa part made me LOL. :)

John Dantzer said...

I also thought of dick, especially when the guy at the bottom is holding it so provocatively, but sex isn't that much work. Maybe it is if the vagina is 5 stories up and if the penis is huge. I'll try playing it in reverse and posting it again.

dogimo said...

Getting it down is easy. How'd they get it up?

To continue the metaphor.

John Dantzer said...

It would take a lot of bloooooooooooooooood

John Dantzer said...

sweat and tears