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Bachelor Machines

Just in case you were wondering, Duchamps (as in The Champ)  made the large glass, or the Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors.  It's a bachelor machine.  The top half vs. the bottom half.  Notice the perspective in the bottom half.  That's the bachelor part.  The bride part, o man, no perspective.  None.  It is too intense.

There are many bachelor machines.  Have you ever read In the Penal Colony, by Kafka.  In it, they use a writing machine to tattoo the criminal's sentence onto his body.  In this case the top half, the writing part, that is the bride.  No, what's being written is the bride.  The bottom half, the prisoner, that is the bachelor.

Before the great french prison reformation, it was not uncommon for a criminal to have his sentence tattooed on his body.  That way, people would know what crime he had committed, and could throw things at him if they wanted to.  I would want to!  I hate criminals so much. It was all a part of the spectacle.

Similarly, the gallows also have a top and bottom part.  Well, the top part, the noose, that is the bride.  And the bottom part, the criminal, well, that is the bachelor.  In this case we might say that the bride has turned the tables, and is stripping her bachelor bare, as it were... of life, lol.

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