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A Potent Clean

Chuck works for a man named Grimm, Mr. Grimm.  He spends his days in a warehouse transporting toilets from one set of shelves to another. 

Now he’s laughing.  His shoulders are shaking.  He can’t help the monkey grin on his hairy face.  He sits with his knees to his chest with his back up against the wall.  He has the perfect plan to get rid of his employer.  Oh, it’s hilarious, and conniving and evil.

Everyday, because Mr. Grimm has the OCD, before and after the labourers eat lunch, he grabs lysol and some paper towel, and cleans the table they eat on.  This double offends Chuck: 1. for having to smell the Lysol all through lunch 2. for implying that Chuck and his co-workers are that dirty.

Chuck rehearses the plan in his mind and the laughter follows.  The same kind of laughter you might hear in a haunted house. 

“I’m sorry to have to do this to you, Mr. Grimm,” and again with the laughter. 

Today, before lunch, Chuck will walk into Mr. Grimm’s office, and, looking him in the eyes he’ll ask, “Hey, Grimm, we’re going to go eat, are you going to get the lysol and start cleaning?”  Chuck doubles up at the thought of it.  He wonders if he’ll be able to say it without laughing. 

The joke is, Chuck has switched the lysol with a poison so strong, it’s fumes can kill a man almost instantaneously.  First there is a brief period of severe pain.  Then there is dropping dead to the floor. 

Oh, the hilarity!

I’d like to tell you Mr. Grimm doesn’t die.  That Chuck doesn’t go to prison, and then the sanatorium.  But alas, Chuck had no remorse, and believed the only way out was murder. 

He starts laughing every time he smells Lysol. 

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