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A Crow Thinks My Hat is a Crow

It is hot and sunny out. It is just what I imagine the desert to be like.  Actually, it is a desert, and it is not uncommon to see small scorpions and small rattlesnakes trying to scurry up your pant leg and nestle with your privates.  Scorpions are land lobsters, and taste just as good, but as with lobster and crab, the best part is dipping them in butter.  Sometimes, if I have neither lobster nor scorpion, I will go ahead and melt some butter in a pan, and dip grass in it and eat my grass that way.

I have bought a new big black hat because it’s so hot out.  I read the label on it and it said it was made of paper.  I don’t think so.  Not once has my hat flown away, like so many a wayward paper airplane.  Anyway, I was out walking, nearing the edge of the owners lawn, and there is a crow which circled in the air whilst crowing.  They don’t call them crows for nothing!

Anyway, I was just trying to mind my own business, but the crow was insistent on it’s flight patterns. Circle, crow, circle, crow, dive bomb. It was apparent that  the crow thought I was wearing one of his brethren on the top of my head!  I settled that mis-communication with a hefty swing o the bag, and quick throw o the rock, and watched as the crow flew away.

Boy am I tired!  It is as though I have been the one dodging rocks and flying all day! How long do you think you could outrun a crow!? I’ll be picking ticks from my nethers for days!

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